Milk Carton Art

I enjoy making all of the art in my home because it give me some sense of accomplishment. Also, because I just moved to another country and, I don’t want to spend much money on decorating a home. I am always on the hunt for inexpensive ideas I can use.

My sister sent me this deer head from the U.S. for my birthday. It used to be in my old apartment, and I LOVED it, but had to leave it behind. Although she gifted me something that was already mine, I was so excited when it arrived. We hung it up immediately, but it still needed a little somethin’.  I read a few articles from other bloggers on toilet paper/paper towel roll art, but none of the ideas were fitting in with my space.











I started saving milk cartons. Milk does not typically come in these size cartons in the U.S. I think some of the cream cartons, or maybe juice cartons would work. Just look around until you find a size you like – then start drinking. We saved eight total. I still didn’t have a plan when I started this project and I wanted to make sure we had enough cartons to play with. Eight was way more than we needed.


These cartons measure 2.75 inches on each side

Using a sharp knife (that is never used in our kitchen) I sliced off the tops and the bottoms. This was super easy to do. Just try to keep a straight line, and you can use the scissors for touch ups.


Next, I measured and marked 1-inch dashes on one edge of a few cartons. Then cut them. One carton give you quite a few squares. With my hot glue gun in hand (and coffee), I started playing around with patterns.


I liked the idea of a diamond pattern, that added a little dimension to the wall. I started glueing the edges of each diamond to each other to build a larger diamond. Note, it is much easier to view your pattern once you start glueing things together.


I built the base of the diamond with 9 squares. The next layer had 4 squares, and then one added to the top. I cut a thin strip that I glued to the back side of layer 2 and the top square. This added a little more to the design and gave me something extra to glue the layers to each other.








I spray painted these using just a basic gold spray paint you can find anywhere. I am loving the new trendy gold home accents at the moment. So, I will be using this same gold on some other items around my home.


I also found a $10 picture frame at the thrift store that I painted black. And, walla! No more boring wall or lonely deer head. Our apartment is only 500sq. ft. and the color scheme is black, white, gray and gold. I think it works nicely and considering it cost pennies to make I love it even more.









What do you think? Would you create your own artwork using this technique? Maybe you can come up with an even better pattern design?