Spicy Sangria

Sangria – my top 10 summer cocktail go to. This recipe uses jalapeños to kick your sangria to the next level. The juice from the jalapeño really goes well with the spicy notes in a Malbec wine and also is a nice contrast from the sweet mixer. Be careful with the seeds though, it can get really spicy. I like spicy though, so I leave the seeds in.

1 bottle of Malbec (preferably, but anything will do)
1 jalapeño Peppers
2 Oranges, fresh squeezed
Sprite to top


  1. Remove the stem of the jalapeño and muddle in the bottom of a pitcher. If you are sensitive to spicy, you can first remove the seeds and then muddle the pepper. You want to spend some time making sure you have muddled the entire pepper to a pulp.
  2. Add the juice from two oranges. Remove any seeds.
  3. Add the wine and chill in the refrigerator. Top off with 12 oz. of Sprite right before you serve.

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