Skittles + Vodka = Par-tay-tay

Ok, this might seem a bit amateur, but seriouslyyyy SO fun. Vodka the color of the rainbow! As shots, cocktails or to mix with other ingredients.

Start by separating all of your Skittles by colors. Otherwise, you will have brown vodka, and thats not cute. Put your skittles into the bottles and top off with Vodka. Let them sit for about a day, and then put into the freezer after all of the skittles have melted into the Vodka. Booze always tastes the best when it is super cold.

Pour it up! You will not be disappointed.


  1. King size bag of skittles
  2. Big bottle of Vodka
  3. 5 bottles, one for each color you want to make

To make this as a cocktail, use a 10oz glass. Fill it with ice and pour 1.5oz of the Skittle vodka over ice. Top off with sprite, tonic or soda.

Who doesn’t want a taste of the rainbow!? 🙂


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